I know I can book a shipment with NS Shipping and not need to worry, excellent service on Letters of Credit thank you to your team. All staff and management are very professional, and we have an outstanding relationship, I would recommend NS Shipping to any other business as they offer a top-class service.

UK Manufacturing Company
Middle East Sales Manager

Not only is Nigel an honest and hardworking person, he and his team are extremely conscientious. The team’s ability to problem solve and help us (the customer) in difficult circumstances has really set them apart against their competition. Both our industry and the Freight Forwarding industry rely on customer service; NS Shipping’s is second to none.

UK Food Supplier

I use NS Shipping for the majority of my export shipments, and it is always a pleasure – you can always rely on them to offer their support and help with any issues that may arise from the very first quote and at every stage through to our customer receiving their goods at destination. All the staff our friendly, professional and have great knowledge and experience. I cannot recommend them enough, a great bunch of people and a lovely company to work with.

UK Manufacturing Company
International Sales Supervisor

Why would I want to go with anyone else… it’s like when you find your future partner, the one you marry… You stop looking.

NS Shipping Customer

They strive to have a personal connection with all of the companies they deal with and get the friendship in first hand, this is a very unique approach as most companies are just a name on the end of a phone/computer.

NS Shipping Customer

When we have a container to go, we don’t want to ring six different people and get six different prices. We know when we ring NS we will get the service and we don’t have to check the rate, it’s always going to be competitive.

NS Shipping Customer

One of the main advantages of using NS Shipping is their speed of response. It can be as little as 5 – 10 mins for a quote. Whilst other FF take 24 hours. They can do this because of their knowledge and contacts.

NS Shipping Customer

Their customer service is exceptionally good. They go above and beyond what is expected.

NS Shipping Customer

I can’t speak highly of them enough, there is not a more efficient operation out there…

NS Shipping Customer

NS Shipping Limited,
Suite 4I, The Plaza,

100 Old Hall Street, Liverpool L3 9QJ

NS Shipping (Hong Kong) Limited,
Unit A, 9/F,
Tung Luen Industrial Building,

No. 1-4 Yip Shing Street, Kwai Chung,
N.T. Hong Kong

+44(0)151 709 5545